A brivele der mame

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Partition avec paroles
Mayn kind, mayn treyst, du forst avek, tse say a sun a guter.
Dikh bet mit trern un mit shrek, dayn traye libe muter.
Du forst, mayn kind, mayn eyntsik kind, ariber vayte yamen.
Akh kum ahin nor frish gesunt, un nit farges dayn mamen.
Yo, for gezunt un kum mit glik, tse yede vokh a brivele shik.
Dayn mamens harts, mayn kind derkvik.
A brivele der mamen, zolztu nit fartzamen.
Shrayb geshvind mayn lib kind, shenk ir di nekhome.
Di mame vet dayn brivele lesn, un zi vet genisn.
Heylt ir shmerts, ir biter harts, derkvikst ir di neshome.
Dos akhte yor ikh bin aleyn, dos kind iz vayt farshvumen.
Dos kindersh harts iz hart vi shteyn, kayn eyntsik briv bakumen.
Vi ken mayn kind nokh hobn mut, vi geyt im ayn dos lebn.
Ez muz im geyn dort seyer gut, vil er kayn nakhrikht gebn.
Kh`obim geshikt a hundert briv, un er hot nokh kayn
shum bagrif, as mayne shmertsn senen seyer tif
A brivele der mamen...
In shtot New York a raykher hoyz, mit hertser on gefiln,
dort voynt ir sun, er lebt gor groys, mit a gliklekhe familie.
A sheyne froy un kinder tsvey, mit likhtike geshtaltn.
Un as er sitst un kvelt fun sey, hot er a briv derhaltn.
Dayn muter toyt, es is geshen, in lebn hostu ir fartsen.
Dos is ir letste vunsh geven, a kadishl der mamen,
sol stu nit fartsamen. Sog geshvind, mayn lib kind,
shenk ir di nekhome, di mame vet dayn kadish hern,
in keyver gern. Heylst ir shmerts, ir biter harts,
derkvikst ir di neshome.

English A little letter to Mom

My child, my comfort, you're going away, please be a good son
With tears and trembling, your dear, faithful mother begs you
You're going away my one and only child, across the distant seas
Arrive there safely and in good health, and don't forget your mother
Yes, go in health and with good fortune, and be sure to write a letter each week
To delight your mother's heart
A letter to your mother, don't delay
Write soon, my beloved child, and give her solace
Your mother will read your letter and she will be comforted
You'll heal her pain and her aching heart and revive her spirits
Eight years now, I've been alone, my child has wandered far away
His childish heart is hard as stone, I've not received a single letter
How can he still have courage? How has life treated him?
He must be well of, and doesn't want me to know
I've sent a hundred letters, and he hasn't the slightest notion
How deep my grief is
A letter to your mother...
In New York City, a wealthy home, full of hearts without pity
There lives her child in luxury, with his happy family
A beautiful wife, two children, with radiant faces
And as he sits and beams with joy, he receives a letter
Your mother is dead! It has come to pass, in life you neglected her
This was her last wish
Say Kaddish for your mother, don't delay,
Say it soon, my beloved child, and give her solace,
Your mother will hear your kadish in her grave gladly,
You'll heal her pain and her bitter heart, and revive her spirits

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