Ani more nuse

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Shqip Ani more nuse

Ani more nuse, ani qaf gastare
ani a don lukse, ani a don pare
As spo due lukse, as spo due pare
Vec e due burin, bace me cigare
Ani me cigare, ani me gudije
o me tesha t'zeza, veshun si zotnije

English Oh young bride

Oh young bride with a throat like glass,(1)
Do you want beads, do you want money?(2)
I don't want beads, I don't want money,
I want a young man(?) with a cigarette,
With a cigarette, with a cigarette-box,
And with black dress shoes, looking like a gentleman.

(1) as fine or as smooth as glass (2) gold coins such as those worn around the neck

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