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There are two forms of Bûselik makamı which may be encountered:

  • one of which uses a Hicâz tetrachord including G sharp (nim şehnaz) in the upper part of the scale,
  • and the other a Kürdî tetrachord including G (gerdaniye).

Note, however, that the leading tone is always G sharp (nim zirgüle). Often the Hicaz tetrachord will be used in ascending and the Kürdî tetrachord in descending.

If the scale is extended beyond the octave the following structures are used:

A Nikrîz pentachord can also be used in the descending part of the scale:

Buselik makam lesson by Ross Daly, Labyrinth, Crete
Buselik Taksimi and 'Rüzgâr Kırdı Dalımı' played by Cüneyt Arıkan.
Piece in Bûselik makamı composed by Selahattin İnal and played by Murat Türkmen on oud.

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