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Sârba is danced to a lively 2/4 melody with triplet grouping, giving a 6/8 feel. This is a common dance rhythm across the Balkans, in dances such as the Serbian Čačak (= Čoček ???) and the Bulgarian fast Pravo Horo. In common with Bulgaria, where the fast Pravo Horo follows the slow Pravo Horo, in Romania Sârba generally follows Hora.

The name Sârba may mean "Serb like", but Sârba is thought to belong to a very ancient and widespread dance form. Sârba is found in the same areas as Hora with the highest variety of variants being found along the sub-Carpathians. Unlike Hora, an open circle formation is the norm, apart from south Oltenia where it is generally danced in a closed circle.

The common Sârba alternates between travelling or resting phrases and phrases for improvisation or more complex steps. The dancers at each end are the leaders, with other dancers joining into the middle of line during the dance. In some areas there are Sârbe with a number of figures where the change of figure is indicated by commands from the leader. The other main type of Sârbe have a fixed choreography and are possibly newer. Ciuleandra is a specific type of Sârba from north Oltenia and Muntenia. It is danced in small circles, which change places with other small circles in the dance area.

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